At Benjamin Franklin Elementary School we take great pride in our efforts in nurturing a child's natural curiosity and desire to grow. We have an experienced and seasoned staff who create rich and caring opportunities for students to develop all their talents and skills. Our academic curriculum is standards based, and we continuously strive to provide rigorous expectations for every student.

The staff of the Benjamin Franklin Elementary School is committed to addressing the fundamental questions of all professional learning communities, which are:

  • What do we want each student to learn?
  • How will we know when they have learned it?
  • What will we do if the student doesn’t learn it?
  • What will we do if the student already has learned it?

We offer a comprehensive curriculum, and we constantly encourage our students to be serious about their job as a learner. This year we have established clear districtwide instructional time guidelines for every grade level to be used for differentiated instruction through flexible groupings and planned interventions to insure all students master core curriculum.

We have an active Parent-Teacher Council, and through their hard work they are able to contribute supplemental funds to our school, which allows us to further enrich our students' experience with activities such as performances, field trips, and other activities.

It is our hope that parents, students, staff members, and visitors to our District will find this site informative and well suited to meeting their needs. Thank you for taking the time to visit. Please have a look around.

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